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Why does the PM want to know?

Posted by Sacha Veillette

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Mar 4, 2014 11:58:00 AM

As a Netmail-using organization, from time to time you receive a request to fill-out a survey from us. This year, as the plan goes, we will ask you regularly, perhaps every month, to answer a few questions.

All this because “the PM wants to know”…

But why, you might ask, should you spend precious minutes of your life answering questions about your infrastructure, operating systems, and software versions?

To answer, first of all it is a good idea to clarify who or what this mysterious “PM” is.

No, it is not a Prime Minister. Nor is it a Project Manager, though they tend to use the acronym. No, in this case, the PM is the Product Manager.

As the name indicates, the Product Manager manages, well, the “product.” For us, this is the Netmail Platform. The job, basically, entails ensuring that the software and its associated services provide real value for you, our customer.

The second part of the answer comes from the reality of the “real world” of IT. The Netmail Platform operates in the environment comprised of all the moving bits and pieces of your networks and IT systems. This is very broad: everything from your virtualizatio n infrastructure to the browser used by so-called “end users.”

For us to build, and maintain, the right application integration points, to support the correct versions, we need to know exactly what you use. And we need to constantly refresh that knowledge because your IT infrastructure keeps changing over time.

For the Netmail Platform to be at the top of its game, for it to serve you as well as it can, it needs to be in tune with the rest of your IT infrastructure. (I could have added “to minimize support calls” to the previous sentence, but maybe that goes without saying… Oops, now I’ve said it anyway.)

That’s why we’ll keep asking. That’s why we hope you’ll take a moment every month (or so) and answer a few questions. That’s why the PM wants to know.

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