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WOW! Upgrade to GroupWise 2014 for only $2014

Posted by Debbie Howlett

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Jun 3, 2014 4:05:00 PM

Are you upgrading to GroupWise 2014? Then Netmail has an offer you simply can't refuse. For a limited time only, Messaging Architects, our awesome Professional Services Team, is offering you the chance to upgrade to GroupWise 2014 for only $2014.* And while you watch user productivity soar, you'll get to enjoy the new web-based administration console, as well as dashboard monitoring, advanced querying and reporting, delegated admin rights, and more. But don't tell them that. 

Why upgrade to GroupWise 2014?
  • More powerful search and filing tools, making organization a breeze
  • The ability to duplicate any item or easily change item type
  • An improved WebAccess interface, including auto-refresh
  • Quick lists, dynamic menus and “just in time” options
  • A fresh, contemporary look and feel

So be the hero in your organization, and contact us for details on upgrading your users to latest version of GroupWise.

PS: Still not convinced? Check out this amazing offer!

*Certain conditions apply.

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