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How to create safe and easily remembered passwords, unique for every site

Posted by Richard Brunette

Jul 2, 2014 10:59:00 PM

We’re told more and more every day that password security is essential.   We’re constantly being asked to create new passwords. We’re also being told not to write our passwords down anywhere or worse, just use the same password for every instance, lest one password give a thief access to your entire kingdom. 

There’s a whole laundry list of don’ts which I won’t bother rehashing, but not much advice as to dos. The reality is that this just isn’t feasible. IT Help desks everywhere moan about password reset cases that take up most of their time. 

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Secure Passwords with a Roll of the Dice

Posted by Judi Kohn

Apr 24, 2014 10:02:08 AM

Before the severity of the Heartbleed exploit was revealed, weak passwords and passphrases were (and still are) one of the most common computer security flaws. A question that you may wish to ask yourself is whether your organization has a policy to help users generate secure, easy-to-remember passwords or passphrases. This, of course, leads to another question:  what is the most effective way to manage passwords in an increasingly complex online world? 

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Topics: passphrase, security, password

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