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Le volume de votre serveur Exchange est-il un problème?

Posted by Benoît Vignaud

Apr 7, 2015 2:03:00 PM

  • Savez-vous que votre serveur Exchange est rempli à plus de 80% par les pièces jointes (PJ) aux emails ?
  • Si vous voulez vous en convaincre, utilisez gratuitement Scanit.
  • De plus, très souvent, ces PJ existent dans Exchange en plusieurs exemplaires.

Si votre serveur Exchange ne contenait plus de PJ, il serait donc cinq fois plus petit ! Netmail Detach vous permet de résoudre ce problème de volume en gérant intelligemment les PJ.

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Is Mail Drop for Business?

Posted by Frederic Bourget

Jun 5, 2014 4:10:00 PM

Tuesday, Apple introduced Mail Drop. A new feature of their mail client that allows end users to send a large file transparently even if their mail server limits the size of attachments. They use their iDrive (cloud storage) to transmit the file and the end user sees a link to the file when not using Mac Mail. Microsoft announced something similar at MEC using OWA and Outlook which would allow large files to be sent transparently using Skydrive as storage. 

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ScanIt to Monitor the Size & Growth of Your Mailboxes

Posted by Debbie Howlett

Mar 27, 2014 2:25:00 PM

Monitoring the size and growth of Exchange mailboxes is an important part of your job. ScanIt from Netmail gives you a quick overview of your Exchange system, including the size of your mailboxes, folders, and email attachments. ScanIt also provides statistics for the busiest mailboxes in your organization so you can monitor usage patterns and prevent mailboxes from growing out of control. With ScanIt, you can also create smart reports.

Currently in beta, ScanIt is fully compatible with Exchange 2010, Exchange 2013, and Office 365.

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HIMSS14: Who's Afraid of Big, Bad Data? Or, How to Eat an Elephant

Posted by Debbie Howlett

Mar 3, 2014 10:22:00 AM

(reposted from HealthWorks Collective by Steve Goldstein with permission)

HIMSS14 is chock full of interesting folks, as befits a mini-city of 37,000 souls. One of them is Charles Nguyen, vice-president of Netmail, a Montreal-based firm that markets an alternative to email. I’ve been asking around about whether healthcare firms value data and are using it well. The reason Nguyen is here in Orlando is that a sizable chunk of his clients are in healthcare. Here is his take:

“Healthcare is one of the most heavily regulated industries and probably one of the most difficult to manage in the context of data management. Healthcare organizations must not only protect massive volumes of highly sensitive and confidential data that flows through their networks but they also must deal with managing known and unknown threats that can enter an organization from a large number of access points. To make matters worse, they are also burdened with having to comply with very stringent regulations."

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Managing email attachments just got a lot easier with Netmail Detach

Posted by Debbie Howlett

Feb 21, 2014 2:04:00 PM

Are you noticing that your Exchange 2010 or 2013 email servers are using up more and more storage? You can thank the lack of Single-Instance Storage (SIS) for that. Did you know that storage needs are often 3-4 times greater than originally anticipated when either deploying or migrating to Exchange 2010 or 2013? It's a fact that the cost of additional storage is fast becoming a major pain point...

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Office 365 Migrate all that data?

Posted by Frederic Bourget

Feb 17, 2014 10:55:00 AM

 The other day I met with a customer moving to O365. They really want to get rid of the email problem. I mean really get rid of the problem. Once and for all. No emails on premise anymore. Put everything in the cloud. Really everything and when I say everything, I mean 10TB of everything. Yep, 10TB. They need tokeep everything for legal retention. Their current email system (Exchange?), holds 5TB of email from the last 20 years and they have another 5TB of personal archives that reside on computers across the network.

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Osterman Research Survey Sponsored by Netmail Finds Email Storage Bloat Poses a Serious Problem to Organizations

Posted by Debbie Howlett

Jan 29, 2014 8:44:00 AM

Montreal, Canada (PRWEB) January 29, 2014

Netmail today announced the findings of an independent survey on email storage conducted by Osterman Research. The research revealed that almost 79% of respondents consider email storage bloat a problem. And while most organizations impose mailbox-size quotas on email users, quotas only provide limited, tactical help in addressing the problem.

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