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Thinking of moving your Data to the cloud? Hybrid cloud may be the answer

Posted by Richard Brunette

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Jul 28, 2014 10:30:00 AM

It’s the big debate that by 2014 every email administrator has at least pondered and upon which many have already acted: the cloud. It should almost be capitalized at this point shouldn’t it? The Cloud, it’s ominous. 

Enter the next debate. Anyone who has looked at the cloud has seen the countless articles: “How Safe Is Your Data in the Cloud?” “Secure Your Data in the Cloud.” “Where exactly is the Cloud Storing Your Data?”  

So you’re trading in the hassle of your email server (maintenance, migrations and hardware concerns) for a new set of problems. Perhaps you’re still ahead of the game, but are you in the lead? 

To answer this, let’s first take a look at what your data is. To the email admin, data is just viewed as a headache. But to the organization, the data is the lifeblood. Data is many organization’s most precious asset. Think of the consequences of data loss to a company; how much loss could your organization recover from? Companies are losing millions in data loss, leakage and breaches. Data is not to be treated with impudence.

An often overlooked consideration involves exploring an exit strategy should you be mandated to take your data out of the cloud? Can your data be stamped as tamper proof in legal cases? What do ediscoveries look like in a cloud world? Are you protected from seizures? Denial of service attacks? 

Perhaps the latest buzzword is the answer: the hybrid cloud. It’s party in the front, business in the back.  The theory behind the hybrid cloud is to keep your infrastructure in the cloud, but keeping the actual resources produced, the data, onsite. It’s like having your cake and eating it too.

Moving your infrastructure to the cloud doesn’t necessarily mean your data has to follow. Organizations afraid of uploading their data to cloud systems shouldn’t inversely rule out moving their infrastructure there. This isn’t as much of an either/or choice as it’s made out to be.

Most of the objections to this system lay in the cost and hassle of maintaining the data on an expensive SAN and backing up to tape. But that’s the old way, we’re thinking new now. Eliminate all of that and store your data on commodity storage, in a policy driven, auto replicated environment thanks to Netmail Store and Netmail Archive

This combination will help you store you emails in an efficient tiered storage system. It operates on a set it and forget it principle. You simply plug in your email policies and it applies them to your system. It automatically applies your retention and deletion policies, as well as automatically duplicating and replicating to a DR site. 

It accomplishes this without the need for cumbersome databases. Okay, I’ll give you a second to digest that. Ready? Good, because databases are a thing of the past and we’re moving forward. A simple indexing system eliminates the need for a database while helping render your ediscoveries a breeze.

It’s all the set it and forget it convenience that has people flocking to the cloud, with all the security and data integrity of having your information on premise with a fraction of the costs and maintenance of traditional (outdated) storage solutions. 

Ultimately every organization has different needs. But it’s important to know black and white aren’t the only choices. There’s a whole rainbow of colors where you can find exactly the right fit.

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