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The Single Vendor Relationship: 8 Reasons to Consider

Posted by Debbie Howlett

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Aug 7, 2014 5:31:18 PM

No question the digital revolution has changed the world, but so has the bundle. I’m a bundler which means I deal with a single vendor for high speed internet, mobile phone service, HD TV, and home phone service (yeah, yeah, I know). I probably should have coldly assessed whether or not I really needed a home phone, or even a television for that matter, but I didn’t. I just grew weary of calling 4 different vendors to discuss 4 different billing errors or complain about chronic service disruptions. So I bundled and I haven’t looked back. I like dealing with a single vendor and here are 8 good reasons why.

1. Hand: Remember the Seinfeld episode where George finally has the upper hand in a relationship? In a relationship with a single vendor, you’ve got hand. Don’t like something? Call ‘em and say so. You can bet the single vendor will move mountains to help you.

2. Responsibility: There’s an old saying, “one throat to choke” which definitely applies in the single vendor relationship. In a multi-vendor relationship, expect to go from one vendor to the next to the next to get a problem resolved as each vendor passes the buck.

3. Saves Time: We all do it, but not many of us actually enjoy the time spent comparing vendors. If you've already found a good vendor, it's much easier to stick with them for any add-ons you might need.

4. Get Up To Speed Faster: With every upgrade or new feature, your team won’t require a whole lot of training, and neither will you. Watch everyone get back to work faster.

5. Say Goodbye To Complexity: A single vendor designs stuff to work together.

6. Get Cool Features Sooner: Since you’re already running on the single vendor’s gear, you’ll get cool new features a lot quicker without all the preflight checks.

7. Better Customer Service: A single vendor will work harder to find creative ways to solve your problems. You've got hand, remember?

8. Less Expensive: Single vendors are typically lower in price because they’re bundling stuff together and offering discounts.

If you're currently dealing with multiple vendors who are driving you nuts, maybe it's time you looked at making a switch to a single vendor? You won’t regret it.

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