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The PM wanted to know, and now you know as well

Posted by Sacha Veillette

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Mar 10, 2014 8:00:00 AM

As the March survey “The PM Wants to Know” is reaching our customers, The PM would like to take a moment to let you all know about the results of the January (/February) survey.

But first, a step back: The idea behind these very short surveys is to get some basic information about our customers’ infrastructures and IT practices, so as to better guide the evolution of the Netmail Platform.

I will thus be surveying Netmail customers on a regular basis, but asking only a few questions at a time. That way each survey will take no more than 2 minutes to fill, and be extremely easy to complete, which should help get the numbers up.

Now, before anyone voices the (technically correct) objection about statistical significance, let me pre-empt it: Most of the time, those surveys will not reach a level deemed statistically significant. Certainly not for the entire market place; however, when reaching over 20 respondents, the information becomes significant for our customer base. And, certainly, the results are indicative of general trends, as you will see from the first results.

In January, I asked about the browser situation. Here are the main findings:

1)     Perhaps the most important, and statistically significant finding, is that 50% of our customers have an officially supported browser in their organization, yet users are allowed to use something else if they want to (13 respondents out of 26). At the same time, another 9 respondents (35%) indicated that the official browser of the organization is also the only one users are allowed to use. No one said users can use whatever they like, pure and simple, and the remaining 15% have no official browser, but IT recommends which browser to use.

2)     There are still a lot of different browsers in use out there by the IT staff. And keep in mind we are talking about IT folks right now, not average users. While the most popular browser is clearly Firefox 27 (69.2%), many are on Chrome 31 (53.8%), and on IE 11. (Note that each respondent could indicate many browsers in use at their organization, which is reasonable.)

3)     For the average user, the picture is somewhat different. The largest contingent is on IE 9 (69.2%), then IE 10 and Firefox 27 rank second at 65.4%, and IE 8 is fourth at 50%. Chrome 31 only has 46.2% of users, slightly ahead of IE 11 (42.3%).

4)     There are still some 15% of users on IE 7, according to our respondents (4 out of 26 said this). This means there is a wide range of IE flavours “out there” to this day.

In closing, some observations:

Our customers are most of the time “Microsoft shops”, and certainly the use of IE by average users is indicative of this. However, Firefox is very popular in general as well.

IT folks, among which our Netmail administrators, have a tendency to be on the best and latest browser, be it IE, Firefox, or Chrome. Good thing to know for us…

Finally, as a company providing tools to average users through browser-based applications, we must keep in mind the officially supported, or plainly mandated, browser of choice of our client organizations.

That’s it. A bit of food for thoughts. Stay tuned for more data and information after the March survey. And if you have not already done so, feel free to go answer those questions…Take the survey

Talk to you again soon,

The PM

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