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The Magic of Being a Shareholder

Posted by Stephanie Greenshields

Jun 13, 2014 4:01:00 PM

After lots of hard work, and a very successful financial year, Netmail shareholders received their profit sharing bonuses before Christmas last year. As a shareholder, I had received profit sharing bonuses in past profitable years, and with it I always chose to purchase something special for myself that normally I might not. It always makes for a very interesting conversation when someone spots my new purchase and asks me about it. It really makes me proud to be able to share that this purchase was “courtesy” of the profit sharing I earned, which then leads into the conversation about Netmail being 100% employee owned.  It’s all really exciting!

The bonus we received at the end of last fiscal year was one that was a bit more significant in terms of dollar value. Oh I knew I wanted to do something extra special with the money, but I had no idea what at that time. So I put it away for a rainy-day so to speak. After learning that I would be going to Orlando, FL, in May for a Leadership conference, the idea of what to do with my profit sharing immediately came to me; take it to pay for part of the trip. I thought I could “swing by” Disney’s Magic Kingdom with my young son & husband, and that this would be a wonderful way to use my earnings from profit sharing. Well why not, I was already going to be there and neither of us had ever experienced Disney World. So flights were booked and my son & husband met me in Orlando after the conference ended, and we embarked on a few fun filled family days. Not only did we get to experience Disney’s Magic Kingdom, we also spent a day at LEGOLAND.

I am part of Netmail’s success and Netmail is like a part of my family; in a way we even vacation together ;-)


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