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Posted by Anthony Rennie

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Sep 23, 2014 10:51:00 AM

What can I say about working at the same company for 10 years? I like my job, which is not something I often hear from people who work at other organizations. But is it really about the job? Or is it the environment that surrounds your job that truly makes it enjoyable? I will give you three main reasons why I’ve stuck around for so long: people, product, and purpose.

Firstly, the people at Netmail are pretty awesome. But even a great group of people in itself can’t make your job enjoyable. What you also need is a positive and transparent work environment where people are able to co-exist together for a common purpose. Happy and positive people are productive people.

The other two reasons that has made my 10 years at Netmail enjoyable are the product and purpose, which I see as one and the same. What we do as a company, this purpose for the company to exist, revolves around the product that we all work on. Its purpose is to make life easier for our clients to manage their email infrastructure. We are all clear on what this common goal is, we all have a say in how we archive this goal and everybody’s voice is important and not disregarded. I believe that this attitude attributes to the work culture that has been created, we as individuals all share this purpose, and have a say in how it is achieved.

For 10 years I have seen the company grow, and bring its people along for the ride. This in itself is why I am still here and will be for many more years to come.

This is why I will always be proud to say I work for Netmail.

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