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How to create safe and easily remembered passwords, unique for every site

Posted by Richard Brunette

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Jul 2, 2014 10:59:00 PM

We’re told more and more every day that password security is essential.   We’re constantly being asked to create new passwords. We’re also being told not to write our passwords down anywhere or worse, just use the same password for every instance, lest one password give a thief access to your entire kingdom. 

There’s a whole laundry list of don’ts which I won’t bother rehashing, but not much advice as to dos. The reality is that this just isn’t feasible. IT Help desks everywhere moan about password reset cases that take up most of their time. 

The solution? Develop a system in which the password is customized according to its use. Most passwords are 8 characters minimum and for safety require an upper case letter, lower case letter, number and Symbol. So create as 4 character base to cover this.  Something like Ty7* or Fr4#.  Seem hard to remember? Try typing them, it’s a line across your keyboard, following the same logic as swiping patterns to unlock your phone. 

So now, for the 4 unique letters. As simple solution would be reverse the last 4 letters of the thing for which you’re creating the password.   

The result would look like this:

Facebook:  Ty7*koob

Sharepoint: Ty7*tnio

Citibank: Ty7*knab

Maybe your variable would be every second letter where A=4, E+3, I=1, O=0 , s=$ and T=7:

Facebook:  Fr4#fcb0

Sharepoint: Fr4#$430

Citibank: Fr4#c7bn

You can move your variables to the front or stick them in the middle if you want. Just develop a system that works for you.  You’re well on your way to being a safe and responsible citizen of the internet.


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