In recent years, the cloud has built a reputation as a savior of storage, and as time goes on, more and more solutions find themselves partaking in the migration from hard drives. One organization ‘reaching to the clouds’ to cure data ills is Netmail, a Montreal-based enterprise email management system provider, which announced its compliant, cloud based solution for case management, discovery and email archival.

Titled Cloud Archiving Services, the solution contains “unlimited retention and e-discovery” and assists organizations with reducing costs by employing a “simple, affordable, future-proof route to the cloud,” according to Netmail in a statement.

Suffice to say, with cloud solutions from the likes of iManage, Netmail isn’t the only provider offering higher speeds and greater storage space. So what sets it apart?

Frederic Bourget, CTO at Netmail, told Legaltech News that Netmail is “one of the only vendors that offers complete flexibility in terms of answering the question: What happens if you want your data back?”

 “Most commercial email archiving solutions rely on proprietary internal data structures and electronic data formats,” Bourget said. “As a result, many organizations discover themselves in 100 percent vendor lock-up when their existing provider is acquired by a larger platform vendor or their archiving product reaches end-of-life and they now face a mandatory migration to a new product. That’s why organizations faced with corporate reorganizations, or discontinued archiving solutions, should look towards implementing an open and sustainable archiving technology like Netmail Cloud Archiving.

In Netmail’s view, when it comes to compliance and regulatory retention, companies often rely on “traditional” solutions for email archival. This, it said, is unfortunate, as the amount of time for regulatory retention tends to be longer than most commercial archiving solutions’ lifespans. Thus, an organization stands to accrue costs when “locked into” an agreement with a sole vendor.

“Today's organizations want assurances around data sovereignty that most cloud providers cannot provide,” said Phil Van Etten, CEO of Netmail. “There were many reasons we built the Netmail Cloud, but our Canadian customers wants assurances that all Canadian data remains in Canada whereas our U.S. customers need data to remain in the U.S and the same goes for our European customers that want data to remain in Europe. The Netmail Cloud can achieve all those objectives. Our technology can also be leveraged to meet the most complex e-discovery requirements in the most efficient manner.”

“Early on, Netmail recognized that the ‘cloud’ was here to stay, but it hasn’t been at the forefront of corporate and business minds until the last 4 or 5 years,” said Maximilian Morgan, CIO at Netmail. “Before launching our cloud solution, we wanted to make sure we could offer our customers the security and integrity and trust they’ve come to expect from Netmail while at the same time delivering world-class support. The Netmail Cloud helps with a multitude of business issues today—from being a DR site to providing an e-discovery portal for data, our customers are unanimously blown away by our simplicity and effectiveness at delivering enterprise-level solutions for their organizations.”

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