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Nov 11, 2014 2:37:00 PM

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Exchange On-Premise and Exchange Online have a solid number of built-in features, but there are plenty of reasons to look to third-party solutions for bolt-on enhancements. Clear examples where you might want to do this include the need for a monitoring solution, an archive solution and enhanced security. While there are many options available, one that is quite appealing both with regard to versatility and price-point is Netmail’s Email Management Platform.

As an on-premise software solution, Netmail fills a need that organizations have when they want an all-in-one solution but want to provide their own on-premise hardware for it and simply want the software to make it happen. Netmail used to be provided as a full install software solution, but currently, it is also provided as VMs that can be snapped into your existing environment (on-premise or cloud-based) and utilized alongside your email solution (for Exchange 2007-2013 flavors, Office 365 and even GroupWise). The value here is clearly seen when you consider the many features offered with a reasonable price point. Let’s consider the features included in the Netmail Email Management Platform.

Netmail 5.3 Features

Netmail offers a cohesive solution that typically resides on-premise either installed directly on bare metal or within virtual machines and covers the following key enterprise grade email management needs:

Monitor: Offered as a stand-alone piece and as part of the platform, the monitoring features provided by Netmail are quite polished and smooth visually. The monitoring aspects of Netmail utilize PowerShell commands to obtain key information and provide that onscreen.

Archive: The Netmail solution, unlike hardware/software fusion based archive solutions, offers a software-only solution for email archiving and discovery. Once installed and configured within your environment, you have the ability to store, manage and discover email messages and attachments within your organization. Not tied to any databases the netmail XML based object storage is a solid option for long term retention, With regulatory compliance concerns clearly in mind by Netmail, the solution allows administrators to perform case management, full archive search, retrieval and export of email and documents to assist with requested litigation support or internal investigation data.

Secure: Netmail provides an additional layer of security over what Exchange offers out of the box through policy-based anti-spam, anti-malware, content filtering, data leak prevention and encryption.

Additional built in features for administrators include an encryptions piece to secure both incoming and outgoing email as well as a file detachment piece that reduces storage bloat by removing large email attachments.

End users are provided with a variety of ways to access their email archive, thus reducing their need to reach out to admins when looking for message retrieval. End-users can access their email through a Netmail Search website that allows them to search and locate their message to read on-screen, forward it, or print it… without providing the added ability to delete the message (which would hinder discovery). In addition, end-users can locate their email through the Outlook client, once an add-on is installed which allows them to access the Netmail Search site through Outlook directly, as well as through Outlook Web App (OWA)...

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