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More Sweet Enhancements: Netmail Detach Gets Even Better

Posted by Andrea Kostyk

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Mar 4, 2015 1:00:00 PM

With the latest Beta Program well under way, our Development team is hard at work tweaking our software for the official release of Netmail 5.4. This release includes some more sweet enhancements to help make Netmail work better for you!

Our first video in our Sweet Enhancements Series described some of the enhancements made to Netmail Search. In this video, we take a look at the improvements we’ve made to Netmail Detach to make it simpler to configure and use. Let’s take a look at the highlights:

  • The configuration of Detach has been streamlined with the addition of a new Attachment Management Agent and Attachment Management Policy in Netmail Secure. With this new policy, administrators no longer need to create Attachment Blocking policies with long, cumbersome lists of forbidden file extensions. And because the Attachment Management policy strips all attachments, regardless of file type, no attachments are left behind.

  • Detach can now be configured to strip attachments from messages being sent internally within Exchange, and then replace the attachments with HTTP links. This means that Outlook users no longer need to worry about attachment size limits, mailbox quotas, FTP, or USB keys.

  • Accessing stripped attachments through Outlook is also much easier and seamless for end users. The cleaner layout lists stripped attachments at the top of the email body and also makes attachments available through an Attachments.htm file.

Don’t just read about the new features…watch the video now to see them!

Watch the video


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