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Netmail Announces Rapid Secure Email and Data Retraction Tools to Eliminate Ransomware, Malware Links and Phishing Attacks for Cloud Deployments

Posted by Debbie Howlett

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Jun 29, 2016 8:31:20 AM

Montreal, Canada

With billions of dollars stolen through ransomware, phishing attacks, and email containing malware every year, Netmail’s secure Email and Data Retraction Services help organizations eliminate ransomware, malware and phishing attacks

Netmail, the experts in data management, compliance and security, today announced the availability of Netmail Email and Data Retraction Tools— secure email retraction for email in the cloud, on premise or in hybrid platforms.

Despite the advanced protection offered by many email filtering solutions, malicious content and links resulting in ransomware, malware, viruses, or phishing email are still able to enter an organization’s email and collaboration system leaving the majority of organizations unprepared once they are under attack.

Vulnerable organizations who have been attacked through their email system and on the receiving end of a ransomware or a spear-phishing campaign should take steps to complement their existing security solution with Netmail’s rapid secure Email and Data Retraction Tools. Ideal for organizations using Microsoft Exchange on premise or in the cloud, Office 365, or Amazon WorkMail, Netmail Email and Data Retraction Tools can quickly identify, retract, and delete email containing malicious or risky content that can result in ransomware, malware, or phishing from your organization’s in-boxes. Confidential email containing protected health information (PHI) or personally identifiable information (PII) inadvertently sent to the wrong recipient can also be retracted to mitigate any damage or embarrassment to the organization.

Beyond simply identifying, retracting, and deleting data, Netmail Email Retraction Tools also lets you re-inject email back into the email system; both retraction and re-injection is completely transparent to end users whether they are accessing their mail using a mobile device, a fat client, or via a web-based browser.

According to Phil Van Etten, CEO of Netmail, “Netmail Email and Data Retraction Tools along with an effective solution to back-up all data and files should help an organization eliminate a ransomware or phishing attack."

Netmail Email and Data Retraction Tools are available for purchase immediately as a standalone product or included free with Netmail back-up cloud services. Netmail Email and Data Retraction Tools is an essential tool for any IT department looking to complement existing security solutions and help control data.

About Netmail
Netmail provides on-premise or cloud-based security, archiving, migration, and file share solutions across multiple platforms including Exchange/O365, Google, Amazon, and GroupWise. As companies spread their data across multiple cloud platforms, Netmail allows for simple consolidation of all that data into a single repository with singular indexing and eDiscovery features. Netmail also provides Migration Services to help companies move quickly to the Netmail Cloud.

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