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Netmail 5.3 Features You'll Love: Simple Support Ticket Creation

Posted by Debbie Howlett

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Mar 18, 2014 3:21:00 PM

Without a doubt, the upcoming 5.3 version of Netmail is rock solid reliable, jammed packed with requested features and an extra nice-to-have feature or two.

So this week, I'm blogging about how to create a support ticket directly from the Netmail 5.3 Administration Console. We call this new feature: Simple Support Ticket Creation. To see this feature in action, tune in to Netmail TV to watch Andrea walk you through a quick two-minute demo on how simple it is.

Not only does this feature create a support ticket for you, but it also collects log files automatically and sends them to the Netmail Support Team, giving the team a head start on troubleshooting your issue so they'll be  better prepared to resolve your issue quickly. With this feature, you can create and/or update a support ticket, attach a screenshot of the problem you are having, and even launch a screen-sharing session with a member of our Support Team if necessary.

Simple Support Ticket Creation also allows you to search the Netmail knowledge base directly from the Netmail Administration Console. & the search results are displayed in a new window so as not to disrupt your work in the Administration Console.

With Netmail 5.3, email management just got even simpler!



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