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Netmail provides a leading oil & gas company with a brand-new, multi-cloud level email archiving and data management solution

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Nov 28, 2017 12:26:01 PM

netmail helps leading oil & gas Company capture and consolidate email and data with powerful eDiscovery capabilities


On the recommendation of a trusted partner, Netmail provided a leading Calgary-based oil & gas company with a brand-new, multi-cloud level email archiving and data management solution to helped them capture and consolidate email and data, as well as provide powerful eDiscovery capabilities so that end users can now perform advanced eDiscovery searches across all of the organization’s platforms.


A leading oil & gas company involved with exploration, development, and the production of crude oil, natural gas and natural gas liquids, as well as natural gas storage, oil and gas processing and transport recently sought to address a rapidly-growing email and data storage problem after years of having a “keep everything forever” approach with respect to the organization’s email and communications. As a result, the organization worked under an implied 2 year retention policy on email by setting Microsoft Exchange’s Mailbox Retention parameter to 2-years on deleted mailboxes before they were permanently deleted or purged from the Exchange database. Restoring mailboxes and exporting to PST became the defacto way of handling discovery requests.

Business Challenge

Prior to choosing the Netmail solution, Modular Technologies test-drove 3-4 different solutions, including Intradyne. According to Mark Hodges, the infrastructure consultant working with the oil & gas company, “I’d been investigating archiving solutions for nine months before discovering Netmail during a routine Google search. It was in the budget and on our “to-do” list for 2018 when we were suddenly faced with an audit request which meant we had to drop everything and start restoring mailboxes to find data.”

With the audit request looming, the project to implement an archive solution was quickly pushed to the top of the IT department’s “to-do” list. Having discovered limitations with the ability to give users access to shared archived mailboxes in other archive solutions, Mark Hodges remembers thinking, “How fast can we implement Netmail?”

For the IT team at the oil & gas company, the main driver behind implementing Netmail was to deal with the growing storage problem at the organization, but for the IT Manager the decision to choose Netmail was based on the end user experience. “With Netmail,” recalls Mark, “users are given the same look and feel of the Outlook mailbox, including an exact replica of mailbox and folder structure, without keeping the old mailbox active. The ability to open Netmail Search and drill down to find the exact email or document you are searching for is a big plus for end users, some of whose mailboxes contain over 100,000 emails and documents.”

To reduce the amount of data on their front-line systems, the company also chose Netmail’s Museum View solution to manage the ongoing static storage of the email archives of former employees. Much like collections in a museum, Netmail’s Museum View allows organizations to archive and index legacy data to make it both viewable and searchable, providing end users with access to the data at any time and perform in-house eDiscovery, should the need arise.



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