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Connecticut Legislators Not Abiding By Communications Retention Laws

Posted by Logan McKnight

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Jan 9, 2014 11:20:00 AM,0,1882764.column#! 

In the Connecticut, like most other states, politicians and state employees are required to use their official government email address when conducting state business.  However, Governor Daniel Malloy and a private network of connected politicians used their Gmail, Yahoo and Comcast accounts to communicate amongst each other.  

Using personal email accounts is a breach of compliance – There are laws against it and the administration is ignoring them. 

There are legal implications for this – By not using their official government email addresses there is a risk of losing information (data spoliation) related to government affairs, dealings, and business.  Regulations for records retention are in place for audits, eDiscovery, FOI requests, and general government accountability. 

In an age where the public is under Big Brother’s ever-present watch, so too should the government – Government officials must be accountable for their communications and should take measures to ensure that their records are accessible to the public and properly retained. 

Are the officials using private email addresses because they are hiding something?  It will be difficult to know for sure because the officials abide by their own “email retention policies” for what information is, or is not, released to the public. 




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