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Challenging Change

Posted by Debbie Howlett

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Nov 4, 2016 5:18:02 PM

Change is the only real constant, and this is especially true in a cloud-based environment like Office 365. How will you handle change? Are your users ready to work in this type of ever-changing environment. It’s a huge paradigm shift for many traditional IT departments, but it’s a reality of life in the cloud.

At Netmail, we can not only help you migrate to Office 365, but we can also help with the “What now?” once the migration is complete. Both Netmail and Office 365 are about more than just email: it’s about collaboration, productivity, and agility.

In this video, Jacques challenges you to reflect on these things, and invites you to provide feedback and concerns on this topic. You can leave your comments here on the blog page, or in the video channel on YouTube.


Topics: Office 365, Netmail, Cloud, Migrations, PSTs, Change Management


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