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Berlin Court Stands Up Against Google Privacy Policy

Posted by Jacqueline Towers

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Feb 12, 2014 11:27:00 AM

Germany is the most recent European country to take issue with Google’s privacy policy, specifically certain clauses pertaining to the collection of personal, device and location based information, and the lack of clarity on what exactly users are agreeing to when they tick off the familiar “I agree” box.

After this article caught my attention, I read through the legal and technical details of Google’s privacy policy for the first time.

What struck me was the way in which the clauses regarding which information Google may collect are conveniently packaged in an exterior which is user and reader friendly, as if there is an intent to draw attention away from the far – reaching repercussions of the incriminating clauses. The legal policies can be read, even though “Some of you don’t like to read legal documents, but this stuff matters.” The casual tone of the wording must be an effective way of detracting from the implications of data collection for some readers, but judging from the effectiveness of Microsoft’s Scroogled advertising campaign, many are alarmed and would consider Google’s policy intrusive.

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