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Michael Osteman is the principal of Osterman Research, a market research and analyst firm focused on the messaging and collaboration space.
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The Hidden Costs of Email

Posted by Michael Osterman

Jun 19, 2014 10:02:00 AM

Osterman Research and Netmail conducted a large survey of organizations to determine the email system they have in place; the solutions they are using for anti-virus, anti-spam, data loss prevention, encryption, archiving and eDiscovery; and how much they are paying for their email infrastructure.

The median number of active mailboxes in use at the organizations surveyed was 4,650. To gain further insight into organizations’ email practices, we segmented the 365 completed surveys into small organizations (up to 500 active mailboxes), mid-sized organizations (501 to 5,000 mailboxes) and large organizations (5,001+ mailboxes).

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Topics: Email Encryption, Email Archiving, Electronic Information, anti-virus, Natmail Platform

Osterman Research Blog Post

Posted by Michael Osterman

Apr 30, 2014 3:39:00 PM


Subject: Medication for New Employee

Hi Betty:

Sorry for the email instead of waiting for your call, but as the insurance agent for your medical group I thought I would ask you a quick question by email as a follow-up to my voicemail. We show that your new employee, Bob Smith, is currently taking Crestor. Since there is no generic for Crestor, can you ask him if he can switch to a generic alternative, perhaps Zocor or Lipitor? This will help to keep your practice’s premiums a bit lower over the long term.

Thanks in advance,


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Topics: Healthcare, HIPAA, PHI, HITECH

Main Organizations Have a Pain in Their IT

Posted by Michael Osterman

Mar 3, 2014 9:49:00 AM

Healthcare is among the most heavily regulated industries and among the most difficult to manage in the context of IT. Not only must healthcare organizations protect the enormous volumes of highly sensitive and confidential data that flows through their networks, they must deal with managing threats that can enter an organization from a large number of ingress points: email sent between healthcare organizations and their business partners, employee use of the Web, social media, and Wi-Fi networks that are intended for staff and patient use. Moreover, healthcare organizations and their network of partners must comply with a growing set of burdensome and onerous regulations, all with the knowledge that even simple mistakes can result in painful and far-reaching consequences.

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Topics: Healthcare, HIPAA, PHI, HITECH, HIMSS

The Blues Brothers and Email Storage Bloat

Posted by Michael Osterman

Jan 27, 2014 4:40:00 PM

Email is the primary way that information workers communicate with others. In a recent Osterman Research survey of 170 mostly mid-sized and large organizations (median organization size was 2,000 employees), we found that 78% are “highly dependent” on email for communication and another 16% classify themselves as “dependent”.

That corroborates other Osterman Research end user surveys that find information workers spend about 2.5 hours per day doing something in email – sending or receiving messages, looking for files, managing tasks, managing contacts, etc. Moreover, email is used more per day than the telephone, instant messaging and social media combined.

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