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4 Ways To Keep Partner-to-Partner Relationships Strong

Posted by Debbie Howlett

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Jan 28, 2015 9:05:00 AM

Re-posted from Redmond Channel Partner.

The intentions are always good. Whether introduced through Microsoft to deliver a complex project or connecting through an International Association of Microsoft Channel Partners (IAMCP) meeting, most partner-to-partner relationships start with high hopes but don't deliver as expected.

What are the factors that lead to lasting partnerships that drive real economic results for both parties? KiZAN Technologies and Netmail are reaping rewards from a growing partnership and shared lessons learned from their collaboration.

Building TrustWhen a client asked KiZAN, a multi-gold systems integrator (SI), to perform an objective comparison of multiple GroupWise-to-Exchange migration tools before committing to the project, Netmail's migration solution was included in the evaluation. While KiZAN engineers had previously used a different GroupWise-to-Exchange migration tool, by the end of the assessment they were convinced that Netmail was the best choice.

Working together for the first time on a large project was a concern for both companies' teams. "We knew it would be a challenging project," explained Robert Steele, VP of infrastructure services at KiZAN. "When you are talking about moving 16,000 users from platform that they've used for 20 years, the inertia alone was bound to create challenges."

The KiZAN and Netmail teams coordinated closely before and during the project, building confidence in one another as they went. "When we hit a bump in the road, the Netmail team worked around the clock to give us the extra support we needed," Steele said. "That was the kind of relationship we were looking for and made the project a real success." 

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